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Dear SEO Newcomer:

Welcome to the SEO mini-course,

My name is Emmanuel Betinis I've been a student of SEO now for over a decade. Within that time, I've learned a lot about SEO. It's my mission to make sure that every individual that is interested in SEO learns the basics so I'd like to share what I know with you, free of charge!

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Here's What You'll Learn In Your Mini-Course:

seo help videos checkmark What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

seo help videos checkmark Discover what the search engines' main focus REALLY is.

seo help videos checkmark How to do "keyword research" the CORRECT way.

seo help videos checkmark One of the most fundemental skills you must learn in order to drive people to your website.

seo help videos checkmark The #1 mistake most people new to SEO make (and if you are also making this mistake then you're going to fall behind too!)

seo help videos checkmark How to become a "Search Engine Detective"

seo help videos checkmark Much, much more!

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Scott Van De Vyver

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- Scott Van De Vyver, Lansing, MI

News Letter Subscriber

Useful Information

" I am writing a blog myself about starting a
web based business, and I'll be sure to add
several links to your
seohelpvideos.com as I
think you did a great job on them and
provide useful information. "

- Shawn

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John Sills

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" This is an important find.  I am now ready to
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Storesonline is working with me on the website
he best news is that I can launch
an optimized website and place the keywords at
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- John Sills

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No One Has Ever Come Close...

 I met you last night at MN Mastermind marketing.
I just watched your first help video and I am
impressed. I know enough about SEO to understand
what I’m hearing when someone talks to me.
I’ve spoken with tons of businesses offering SEO
help for me, and no one has ever come close to
the basics as you did in your first chapter."

- Tyler

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"Yes, Emmanuel! I Want To Learn The Secrets

Of Search Engine Optimization!"

" I Want My SEO Mini-Course Right Now!"

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